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Heat Pumps

A heating and cooling technology that we believe will be one of the requirements to heat/cool your home in the near future. Heat Pump technology does not create heat, it transfers it. Heat pumps do not create a flame or combustion to heat your home. Not only can Heat Pumps give you the heat you need in sub-zero temperatures, it offers you cooling and dehumidifying AC in the summer as well.


The letters say it all! Call us for anything Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning or Refrigeration related!

Full Duct Design/Installation

Everyone wants a tight home today.  With a tight home, great air quality becomes vital.  Edge Energy specializes in giving you the right equipment to give you the proper quantity of fresh air into your home and at the same time disposes of unhealthy air.

Service & Preventative

Edge Energy embraces and appreciates all new equipment installations but are setting ourselves apart from other companies by specializing in preventative maintenance. Call us about any heating or cooling system in your home or business.

VRV/Heat Recovery

The future of heating and cooling is here!  With VRV/Heat Recovery we can heat and cool large commercial spaces  occupying a fraction of the footprint traditional equipment uses. More importantly this system can simultaneously heat and cool!

Heat Pump
Hot Water Heaters

This new technology is far and away the most efficient way to heat water that's ever existed in the market. Edge Energy installs heat pump hot water heaters in new constructions, and retrofits homes that are looking for an upgrade.

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